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Oct 7, 2012 9:00am PDT
't afford four more years. >>> from the obama campaign, an ad targeting mitt romney's plan, and calling it just an act. >> why was romney so dishonest about his plan? the massive new tax cut for millionaires means higher tax cuts for the middle class, and aarp says romney's plan undermines medicare by turning it into a voucher. we have real challenges to meet. children to educate, a class to rebuild. >> one more note within this past hour, the president left on a two-day campaign swing through california, on a campaign effort, how else do you think they pay for those ads? >> hey, you don't miss much, do you, alex? >> talking about the unemployment number, we also saw a strong debate, still about the debate. >> well, you know it is a good thing for the president's supporters and they're looking forward to it. he gets two more bites of the apple, when vp paul ryan goes up against joe biden, and candidates have less and less tried to paint it as a victory, nobody agrees with it. and david axelrod said the president let mitt romney get away with too much. the president is his own worst crit
Oct 6, 2012 4:00am PDT
workforce participation has fallen over the last couple of years and remained as high as president obama was in office, unemployment would be much higher and late last night advisers pointing out a large uptick in part-time work as being part of this number, which i suspect will be part of the attack lines in the comes days. as for the conspiracy theory, they're going to deal with the numbers as they exist, say advisers, but didn't go out of the way, that the conspiracy theorists are wrong. they're leaving those fires rage on the right for a little longer. >> yeah. okay. well, that's not unexpected. thank you very much for that report. >>> moving on to a victory for the obama campaign on early voting in ohio. a federal appeals court in the buckeye start reinstated early voten ot final three days before election day meaning that people in the key battleground can continue to cast ballots depending on the decision of their local board of elections. the obama camp filed that lawsuit arguing that everyone should have a chance to vote on those days. >>> nbc news senior political director mark
Oct 6, 2012 9:00am PDT
the "daily news" in the bay area "apple fans mark the first year without steve jobs." apple devotees have set up a makeshift memorial outside a store in palo alto to remember jobs who died one year ago. from "durango herald." "michelle obama which is visit durango. she's expected to promote early voting there which begins in a couple of weeks. >>> from extreme eastern washington state the front page of the "moscow-pullman daily news" about how homecoming is crucial to the town of moscow idaho and the president of washington state university recommending tuition rates should not rise higher than the rate of inflation. >>> now to our weekend weather. folks in colorado dealing with the first touch of the white stuff. not much accumulation but frigid with lows falling into the 20s. nbc meteorologist stephanie abrams has news about the rest of the country. >> big changes across a big chunk of the country. there's a solid cold front. we have that rain and clouds right now extending anywhere from the northeast all the way back down to the south. that is the weathermaker. ahead of that, warm temperat
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)